Monday, February 2, 2009

Skandagiri-Night trekking

26th Jan, dawn of the freedom in the sky.
It was cold; the temperature would be 5 C. I was freezing. I remembered Lake Michigan. But here is the sea… you can stand upon waves. We had just finished our ghost stories after 2 to 2.30 hrs of climbing.
This is called night trekking at Skandagiri, also known as kalvarhalli betta. Eleven of us started from Bangalore at 11.30 PM and reached the destination at 1.30 AM. Ascent started at 1.45 AM and it was an amazing trek, though moderate in difficulty…the best part was stars…Millions of twinkling stars, Sky full of stars, Eyes full of stars in the mid night…I remember my childhood. We climbed up around 4-5 KM with torch. I did not have the torch. :-)
Lesson Learnt: It is difficult to rely on others light, while climbing
In the absence of moon, on the slope of the hill, in the middle of the
night, I must use my own lights.
Well, with decreased activeness, It was getting colder as we reached the top. To avoid the piercing wind we all sat encircled, wrapped and covered, by the cliff, for the sun to appear. After 1.30 hr the wind moved faster, clouds started touching us, and the sky turned deep blue. That deep blue turned into smooth grey, deep red and orphic orange and brilliant golden…we saw the layers of clouds below us from vantage point. The wind was warm and everything was clear. Lot of clicks around, took few deep breaths, and saw the splendor of the lazy Ocean of clouds in the sky. After spending 1-1.30 hr now, it was a time to descend. Coming down was easy as usual. At 9 AM we were overly exhausted and straight headed back to Bangalore with the lazy ocean in the eyes.

Do not leave any plastic behind. (If possible, avoid carrying the plastic)Avoid campfire/bonfire, to keep off the forest fire.Be environmental friendly and come to gather to preserve such great places.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Texas stay. (Feb 29 - Mar 2)

You know how is that state !!....Hot, dry, brown with dust, spicy in food and attitude, Horse man with super cool hats, belts and boots with that rotating ring on the heels… People are unbuttoned, rude and irrational.
All my desi aunties from village in Gujarat had become Mrs.Doubtfire. They drove me to NASA and gave me the feel of F1. Went to man made rain forest Park and to the Galveston beach where you can see the massive boats carry all the various sizes vehicles in it to the other end of the sea. You are driving and road ends into this big boat. You can travel in the boat sitting in your car…This ferry is run by US govt for free, they could have built the smart bridge instead of keep on tripping like this !!
Evening my cousin took me to downtown and I saw this ‘Water wall’…its kindda fountain, around 60 feet tall half circle wall with water falling on it. Stand in the middle and encircled in its shape, you can experience amazing sound of water falling from the top…
Just before return flight we went to ‘Rodeo’. This is a local fare in Houston where all the cowboys assemble from Arizona, Arkansas and Texas. They buy and sale horses plus they displayed all the horse riding and jumping skills. Kids were very happy. It happens every 3 months once it seems, lucky to catch that during this visit.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pondicherry (15-17 Aug'08)

3 days weekend. Myself, momy and Auromita. We started on Friday at 10 AM in the rented taxi.
It was a first experience of taking the personal vehicle for 850 KM & 3 days, Because I had not planned it before. Well, no problem I got to learn, how to deal with the drivers...A special trip without my lovely camera. I had to capture everything with my eyes and save it in my memory forever. But I used my phone though.
Reached at 6 PM, took the accommodation, had dinner and hit the beach.
Vinayaka temple, Aurobindo Ashram and a French memorial with French lunch on next day morning. Evening at Auroville and the most exciting part of the trip i.e., Lunar eclipse at the sea shore. I and Auromita were at beach taking a stroll. Mommy was at hotel.
Full moon night at the Bay of Bengal, Those furious waves rolled and kept on crashing with rocks. I felt spiritual, happy and peaceful.
Next day: Botanical Garden, Matri Mandir, Boating and the Chennambur beach.
Wow…that turquoise blue, copious amount of roaring streams…….few tranquil moments at that windy coastline and ready to leave the Puducherry(ancient name).
11.40 PM: Back to Bangalore.
Little tiff with the driver regarding the payment and a nice week end got over.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

17th Feb'08: Skiing, Bartlette.

I and me. I had done the enough research over the place and the other stuff. Just a day from 9-5. I lost the way in the morning and went into opposite direction, but thanks to the driver for deviating me, I landed in forest where I could see wide open domain covered with diamond dust like snow. There were bunches of deer too, staring at me...spent few mins there and headed Bartltte again. Took the ski and snowboard on rent and started sliding with struggle. To my surprise one journalist couple working with Nortwest Indiana times came to me and started talking if I dont mind they can share few tips... Tamil guy called Kartik who was married to Kristine, The wife was a ski trainer and they offered me Skiing lessons for about 2 hrs. I was so grateful to them. Now I knew how to control my legs and the polls, how to start and stop by forming V, how to turn and how to walk with skies on. Evening I tried with snowboard. I found and enjoyed snowboard better then skiing. I was damn tired at the end, but happy too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chicago-Downtown 11 Jan'08

Myself, Muthappa and Nagendra.
Damn cold. Traveled by CTA. $5 for the day including the buses and subway journey.
Visited Alder planetarium, Navy Pier and Hancock observatory at night.
I had heard that Chicago is a grid city. I was excited seeing the city been covered by grid (illuminated highways passing across the city).Which looks like small square sections from the 94th floor. You can see Indiana, Michigan and Illinois from the top floor. Walked the Michigan Avenue and Mmmm...Here is the most delicious time of the day, where I really worked HARD to locate the good place for Pizza.
We went to Giordano’s to experience the authentic deep dish Chicago style Pizza. Nagendra and Muthappa were stunned to see me eating or rather should say CHEEZING....It was a long march to Union station and enjoyed walking down the deserted streets of Chicago.
Returned back to apartment at 11 PM.

The entire earth ends village.

Before leaving to US, went back to my village to see my loved ones. The same familier enchanting childhood feeling. Words are not enough to express how it is... when you are fighting hundreds of bettles at all the fronts,and return back home and those 4 people, a piece of land and the old thatched roof embraces you unquestionably...Thank You God !!!

Naswadi 7th Nov'2008

Pampered my long time urge to spend time with Archery.

80 Kms from Vadodara.

Along with Tinu's mother in law :) Kind lady who was worried about me being alone in jungle with tribles.

Thanks to Vimal's father and Uncle for introducing me to Dineshbhai.

Many thanks to Dineshbhai for giving me the archery lessions.

First time in my life I was in a same dress for 3 long days and the insect bites on my leg.

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